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This strategic presentation includes advice from cyber insurance and technology experts based on real-life scenarios with clients.


Daniel Thomas, CPCU, ARM

Willis Towers Watson

As a client advocate and risk broker, Daniel relies on his nearly 10 years of experience in enterprise insurance to advise his clients of all sizes on how best to protect their business.


David Basham

Willis Towers Watson

Having spent over 3 years specifically on cyber insurance, David is well aware of the common threats and those trending for small-to-medium businesses as we transition into a new pandemic year.

Mark Owens

Mark Owens

Prime Care Tech

As our information security director, Mark educates both clients and employees on protecting their at-risk data. With nearly 25 years in healthcare IT, he has evolved with the changing security demands of all-sized businesses.

Cost of Cyber Attacks

The cost of a cyber security event can be well into 6 figures – no matter what size your business.

Top Causes of Attack

Human error


Industries Impacted

While any industry is vulnerable, some seem more targeted.

Most Cyber Claims


IT and telecom


Retail and wholesale


Cyber Attacks Rise Amid COVID-19

As 87% of 1H 2020 incidents, cyber attacks continue to threaten.

Most Frequent Attacks


Funds-transfer loss

Email compromise


10 Min
10 Min
Trending Cyber Risks
Willis Towers Watson
10 Min
Intro to Cyber Insurance
Willis Towers Watson
20 Min
Must-Have IT-Protection
Prime Care Tech
10 Min

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